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Recent tasks

Charapa is currently working with AIPP, FPP, ILO, IWGIA and Tebtebba Foundation to develop tools for monitoring the implementation of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP).

One of the draft tools developed is a comprehensive matrix, showing the substantial links between UNDRIP and other human rights instruments:

Comparative matrix UNDRIP 7.10.

Another draft tools is a table, identifying possible indicators for monitoring States’ implementation of the commitments made in the Outcome Document of the World Conference on Indigenous Peoples, in September 2014:

monitoring WCIP commitments

Another tool is an indicators framework, which shows the full range of indicators that we have identified for monitoring national-level implementation of UNDRIP. The framework also shows how the indicators  relate to MDG indicators as well as to proposed SDG indicators.

Framework country profiling 30.1.15

Charapa has recently undertaken or contributed to the following tasks:

Review of Strategy for Danish support to indigenous peoples, 2001-10.

The review documents results of the last ten years implementation of the Danish Strategy in international
processes, bi- and multilateral cooperation and provides recommendations for future support.

See the report at:

Evaluation, EC-funded projects for indigenous peoples in the Philippines.

Evaluation of project to establish forest corridors on indigenous peoples´ ancestral domains and review of the broader portfolio of projects funded by the European Commission to support indigenous peoples in the Philippines.

Towards a framework for assessing the application of indigenous peoples’ rights.

Birgitte Feiring was facilitator and rapporteur of the Technical Expert Meeting “Keeping track: indicators,
mechanisms and data for assessing the implementation of indigenous peoples’ rights

The meeting discussed the guiding principles and basic features of a common assessment framework for
monitoring the application of indigenous peoples’ rights at global scale. Key conclusions and recommendations are available at:


Hydropower and indigenous peoples’ rights.

A comparative analysis of instruments, responsibilities and good practices to respect indigenous peoples’ rigths
in the context of hydropower projects, undertaken for NORAD.

The analysis focuses on the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, the ILO COnventrion NO. 169,
the IFC Performance Standard No. 7 and the Hydropower Sustainability Assessment Protocol (HSAP).

Download the report: Report IFC 7- C169 – HSAP FINAL.doc